Revenue Intelligence®


Focused on Retail Banking and Consumer Finance products.

Revenue Intelligence®


Our pre-agreed fee is based only on successful results for you.

Revenue Intelligence®


Focused on Retail Banking and Consumer Finance products.



UPITE Consulting is specialised in the identification and implementation of recommendations aimed at improving the profitability of Retail Banking and Consumer Finance products.

These recommendations are the results of exhaustive internal analyses based on the revision of the selected products and the most common operations carried out by the respective clients, leading to real opportunities to increase revenues. All our recommendations are:

• Unique to each product and client
• Adapted to their specific operations
• Respectful with the client and market practices
• In accordance with existing regulations

UPITE Consulting offers a unique approach through our 5 phased Methodology, guaranteeing the revision and optimisation of all the mathematical processes entailed in each Retail Banking and Consumer Finance product.

The analysis carried out by UPITE Consulting can cover any Retail Banking and Consumer Finance product, achieving especially significant revenue increases for Credit and Debit Cards, Current and Savings Accounts, Overdrafts, Consumer or Car Loans, Mortgage Loans and Deposits.

UPITE Consulting centres its analysis on the improvement of the client’s Profit and Loss Account on a series of Profitability Levers that are analysed during the project, regardless of the product under scope:

• Optimisation of fees
• Optimisation of late payments
• Improvement of revenues derived from financing interest and default interest
• Correct application of prices
• Analysis of cash flow
• Reduction of expenses

UPITE Consulting's commitment to achieving the best results is guaranteed through our “Success-based” fee scheme. UPITE Consulting only charges pre-agreed fees once the client approved recommendations have been implemented and haveresulted in measurable and trackable incremental revenues in the client's Profit and Loss Account.

The wide range of projects carried out by UPITE Consulting and our international experience guarantees a double deliverable: Our consultants' knowledge of international Best Practices and the project's success regardless of the continent, the market or the client where the project is carried out.

Our pre-agreed fee is based only
on successful results for you.


The development of UPITE Consulting projects is based on our 5 phased Methodology.

Starting with certain specific information facilitated by the client, UPITE Consulting is almost immediately able to present revenue increase recommendations, as soon as only two weeks after the kick off date.

The recommendations presented are always pre-validated with the client and analysed from various points of view: impact on the business and on their clients, compliance with existing regulatory legislation, analysis of necessary technical modifications to IT systems and other aspects which allow the client to make the right decisions regarding the viability and implementation of the presented recommendations.

UPITE Consulting's projects are executed, on average, in 12 weeks. At the end of the 12 weeks, all the proposed recommendations are presented along with the necessary documentation for their implementation and measurement.

UPITE Consulting's experience shows that within a period of 6 months from the completion of the execution phase, an average of 50% of the recommendations presented can be up and running and generating revenue for the client. While this is a variable exogenous to UPITE Consulting, we always support the decision and implementation process until the measurement of real results and their verification.


UPITE Consulting contributes to improving results through the implementation of the recommended proposals.

The majority of the recommendations presented by UPITE Consulting are tactical measures, which require simple, low-impact technical modifications to IT systems, and their implementation will have an immediate and long-lasting positive effect on the Profit and Loss Account.

For each recommendation, the corresponding impact on the client’s revenue is calculated and a Business Case is developed, which allows us to focus on each recommendation in an independent manner.

The results obtained can vary from one market toanother and between different clients, depending, to a significant degree, both on the regulatory framework and on the level of the commitment amongst the client’s Senior Executives to improve their Profit and Loss Account.
However, the experience and methodology of UPITE Consulting and our ability to work as part of a client team, collaborating with and becoming part of the client’s relevant business units, allow us to maximise these results.

UPITE Consulting has always committed to one fundamental objective: “Client satisfaction with the work performed”, which can be seen through our “Success-based” fee scheme. UPITE Consulting will only charge pre-agreed fees once the customer has confirmed that the proposed changes have resulted in additional revenue.



The following values of UPITE Consulting define our identity and serve as a reference in order to help clients make the best decisions:

• Comprehensive knowledge of Retail Banking and Consumer Finance products
• Extensive experience in projects that contribute to improving the profitability of financial products
• Minimum impact on the client’s end-user customers
• Tangible results delivered quickly and sustained throughout time
• Payment upon success. UPITE Consulting is only paid when the client achieves the proposed objective
• Work process that is minimally intrusive



Revenue Intelligence® is a successfully tested and exclusive methodology, proprietary to UPITE Consulting, and consisting of 5 clearly defined phases. Based on essential information of the client, our team revises all the mathematical calculations taking place in the settlement of each analysed product, so that any possible optimisation will be detected and, as such, presented to the client for approval. The process concludes with certification that all changes have been correctly applied and that the predicted economic impact has been achieved and measured.